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Helping families, one bed at a time




Helping families, one bed at a time

Courtney Bed, Inc is the proud manufacturer of a specialized bed designed to keep your loved ones safe and secure while sleeping. A great alternative to a traditional enclosed hospital bed, the Courtney Bed is a beautiful piece of furniture.

The Courtney Bed bedframe is hand-crafted from solid hardwood, there is no metal, PVC or any other material used.

The sidewalls are heavy-weight material that is strong, flexible and easy to wash. All sidewalls are independent of one another and can be taken out separately.  They are clamped between the wooden frame members creating a secure connection. Patent# 7,434,280

The zippered entrance contains a safety feature to remove access to the zipper heads from inside the bed.  Patent Pending# 16/524,328

The Courtney Bed is supplied with an 8" pressure redistribution foam mattress, custom-made to fit perfectly inside the bedframe.  This precision-fit mattress prevents borrowing and eliminates the risk of entrapment.  

When inside the Courtney Bed, no wood is exposed, both protecting your loved one from potential injury from head banging and/or access to chew the wood.  

The sub-frame and mattress boards provide a rugged and stable platform, creating a safe place for those that have a need to jump or bounce.  

With the combination of the sidewall panels and mattress, the Courtney Bed design addresses the 7-Zones of Entrapment identified by the FDA and is FDA registered as a Class I manual hospital bed.  

We offer additional options that can be added to any bed.  They include a top mesh panel, exterior padding and tubing ports.

Our bed has been used to help loved ones with cognitive disabilities and impairments such as:

Autism Epilepsy Alzheimer's
Cerebral Palsy Angelman's Syndrome Huntington's Disease
Dementia Pitt Hopkins Syndrome Kluver-Bucy Syndrome
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Down Syndrome Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

The Courtney Bed has helped hundreds of families across the U.S., Canada, U.K., and even as far as Australia. 


Insurance Coverage

Courtney Bed, Inc is an FDA registered medical device manufacturer. 

The Courtney Bed is FDA registered as a Class I manual hospital bed.

DME (durable medical equipment) suppliers nation-wide have helped families receive insurance coverage using HCPCS code E1399.

Private Pay Options Available 

Courtney Bed, Inc also works with families on an individual basis regarding private pay options. 

For more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 207.619.3233

From Our Clients

Somehow nearly a year passed by since Riley received a wonderful bed! I was just thinking tonight as I put him to bed how thankful we are! It is amazing to go to sleep and know that he is safe! When he is sick or scared and I need to be with him all night I can lay right there. If he is having a tough night dad and I can sit with him just like a regular kid and read or sing to him! When he can't sleep he lays in his bed with his music and will look at a book or hold his doggie, and I know he is safe! We have the perfect wedge, pillows and animal friends all there with him!

I just wanted you to know that nearly a year later we are still so thankful that we have this wonderful bed!!

THANK YOU to you and your team!

The Amator Family!!

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