Good morning, I just wanted to send you an email as it has been about 6 months since we bought the Courtney Bed from you. I wanted to let you know that the bed has been everything I read it would be and it has been a great addition for our daughters sleeping arrangements. When we put her to bed, we know 100% that she cannot get hurt in the bed. The mattress fits perfect, the walls are sturdy yet breathable and it looks great. My other daughter thinks its a fort and always wants to play in the bed when they are both up. Just wanted to pass this on to you, as I thought you deserve it.

 Thanks again. -Steven

We have a 4 year old son with Autism. Our son, Jimmy, has the capability to make any situation or room unsafe. Jimmy does not sleep much at night. He wakes up and is up for hours. If he is not confined to a bed, he will not go back to sleep. He will pick off the outlet covers, play with his windows and try to leave his room. He is dangerously close to opening the doors with safety devices on them. He can climb gates and open most child safety latches. We have exhausted all safety possibilities. Alarms, monitors, and every child safety device available for purchase have been implemented into our child’s life to keep him safe. We researched special needs beds for months. The only style available has high sides to keep children from falling onto the floor. This style is very easy to climb out of. We purchased the Courtney bed in June 2008. He has been sleeping in it for six months. The most important factor is it keeps him safe. The bed has had other benefits. The surrounding net makes him feel comfortable and safe. He now sleeps much better at night. We still keep an infant monitor in his room for an extra measure of safety and security. Jimmy loves his bed. Before he falls asleep we listen to him laughing and jumping in his bed, as he says ”jumping on trampoline!”

We strongly recommend this bed for children like Jimmy who have no self-preservation capabilities. Children like Jimmy need the Courtney Bed to feel safe and be safe. This bed not only keeps Jimmy safe, it allows him to get needed sleep to attend to his therapies.

Melissa D. Burch
James T. Burch, M.D.

We have been so pleased with the Courtney Bed. Our daughter has an undiagnosed syndrome and frequently awakens in the night. Abigail loves being in her bed and if she awakens she has a “party for one” and we don’t need to attend, or worry. The bed does not have an institutional look about it and with the choices in fabric you can make it fit into any room and look like a regular bed. Her sisters loved that her bed finally looked like a regular bed.

We have had one other bed prior to this one and it was very helpful, but extremely expensive. We are extremely fortunate to have insurance cover these beds, but it is rare to have any insurance pay for this type of equipment. I cannot imagine our life without it. My daughter is eleven years old, but has the skill levels of approximately a 2 to 4 year old with all the curiosity, but no safety awareness. She is mobile, but non-verbal and can climb, open doors etc. When in the bed, our daughter knows she is in a safe place. When she becomes distraught and we cannot figure out what is wrong, we will put her in her bed and she is almost instantly calm. She plays quietly with her stuffed animals and cloth books whenever she is in the bed once she has bounced out her energy! Without the bed, it is unlikely my husband or myself would ever get a full night’s sleep. As my husband is active duty military and frequently deployed, I bear a large portion of the care. Not being able to sleep every night would destroy my health and the ability to provide care for Abigail, let alone her two sisters.

When I have spoken with other families experiencing the same situations they are exhausted. When these children are awake at night they act on their impulses and curiosities. Climbing furniture to get to something they want, climbing out windows, walking out the front door. Any and all of these occur. To try to assure safety for their children and sleep for themselves, they reverse locks on doors and lock their children into rooms at night. I have known families to place a mattress on the floor of a bedroom or in an empty closet and locked that from the outside at bedtime. This does not allow the families to check on their children easily while they sleep. From my mind I can only imagine the fears that must periodically go through their heads-are they safe tonight? Is the window closed? Are the plugs covered? Are there any toys that I forgot to remove from the room? Is this the night he/she will figure out how to do something I haven’t even thought of yet? When my daughter is in her bed I just need to check the bed quickly and zip her in. I do not have to worry that tonight is the night she will learn to unlock the window or stick something in the plug. These are not families trying to harm their children, but families trying to keep their children safe with no equipment to provide that safety. Exhaustion is a huge issue for special needs families and being able to provide cost-effective, safe sleeping environments is not just important for the child, but for the families as well.

We are extremely fortunate to have a bed our daughter loves to be in and provides us with the knowledge she is safe. It is not unreasonable to want this for all families with special needs children. As a country we are always advocating for child safety with mandatory use of car seats, bike helmets, seat belts, etc. Having a child with exceptional needs should not alter this quest. This bed fulfills these essential safety goals and should be available to everyone that needs it without being cost prohibitive. Thank you for giving us piece of mind and a wonderful night’s sleep!

Mary Conroy

Thanks so much for the bed! It was everything that I expected and more. No longer does Maddox wake us in the morning by slamming his head into the wooden crib. He still bangs his head but cannot hurt himself now and is a much nicer sound to hear. It is large enough that he should be able to use it for many years to come and sturdy enough that I know it will last. I have shown all his therapists and they are also impressed. I will spread the word about your company and bed to anyone I know that needs a product like this. I think it is impressive that you are such a good advocate for your daughter that you have developed something which helps others who can relate to your circumstances.

Thanks again,

I wanted to write you to tell you how wonderful Victor’s Courtney Bed is!! He has just loved it right from the beginning. Since he was in a crib before (up to age 5), he could not climb in by himself when he wanted to and rest or play. Now when he goes into his room, he always goes to his bed as he plays with his favorite things in his room, a new favorite spot! Victor is sleeping very well at night, since he has so much more room in his Courtney Bed. The materials used for the bed are obviously of such high quality, with the solid wood construction and the sturdy fabric, mesh, and zipper. We have been looking forward to your bed since I was blessed to find it searching for safety beds for children with disabilities on the web. Our distributor, Carolina Mobility, was also very impressed with the materials and design of this bed. I am sure more families in North Carolina will be ordering your bed. And we are so thrilled that Medicaid/EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Testing) approved funding this bed, opening up for other families to be able to order it also. Thank you so much for this wonderful bed! It has made such a difference in the life of our blessing, our son Victor.

Take care,
Theresa Pauca, mom to Victor (Pitt Hopkins syndrome) Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Somehow nearly a year passed by since Riley received a wonderful bed! I was just thinking tonight as I put him to bed how thankful we are! It is amazing to go to sleep and know that he is safe! When he is sick or scared and I need to be with him all night I can lay right there. If he is having a tough night dad and I can sit with him just like a regular kid and read or sing to him! When he can’t sleep he lays in his bed with his music and will look at a book or hold his doggie, and I know he is safe! We have the perfect wedge, pillows and animal friends all there with him!

I just wanted you to know that nearly a year later we are still so thankful that we have this wonderful bed!!

THANK YOU to you and your team!
The Amator Family!!

With the most sincerity – I have to tell you this. The Courtney Bed has exceeded our expectations in every way. I can’t tell you how much we rave and spread the word about this bed!! So much so that just the other day the assistant to our son’s geneticist at a very large Children’s hospital emailed me. She remembered me going on (and on and on) about this bed and wanted to tell one of her patient’s parents about it. I sent her the website. Gavin is so happy in this bed. And his little brother loves to crawl in there with him, too! Gavin sleeps better than he ever has. I’m so glad I didn’t settle for what seemed like my only options early on. I’m glad I searched a little further. With all the writing and tagging I do on my blog, I hope another family searching for options comes upon your website easily. Feel free to share anything I write (here) or in the future – or even off my blog, I don’t care! – on your website as a testimonial. 

Thanks for checking in!!! Kate. Chasing Rainbows

Hi!! We bought our Courtney Bed in 2011. I just wanted you to know we absolutely have loved it! At the end of each exhausting day, we zip our soon to be 6 year old up in it and we say a little prayer of thanks for the bed! I have told several people about it. 

Thank you!! God bless you, sir!!

Love, The Evans Family in Florida

Thank you so much for your personal and thoughtful customer service. I bought a Courtney Bed for my daughter 5 years ago and love it. It has been an incredible asset to have for several reasons: 1. it’s enclosed, 2. the sides are breathable fabric, 3. the inside is padded and 4. it is well made and affordable. Recently, I had a slight concern about the zipper on the bed. Your response was quick and thorough. Not only did you offer to repair the zipper, a temporary replacement panel was sent. In addition to this, a small tear in the mesh siding (from my daughter playing with our cat), was even repaired. Customer service was great!! 

Thank you for going out of your way to help. 

You are greatly appreciated also!! Jennifer M.