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Bed Specifications

The Courtney Bed is completely manufactured in our facility, located in Maine


Bed Frame:

Hand-crafted from solid hardwood

Outside dimensions are 84″L x 39″W x 75″H

Sleeping compartment dimensions are 80″L x 36″W

Can be stained in 3 different color options, no additional fee



Made from heavy-weight, water resistant/repellant canvas… double and triple stitched

Windows are made from a heavy-duty knit mesh… flexible, yet very strong

Both materials have a high burst rating

All sidewalls are independent of one another, can be removed separately for ease of washing

Vertical bumpers line the four corner posts of the bed frame, no wood is exposed inside our bed

A mesh panel is available for the top of the bed

12 color options available, no additional fee


8″ custom-made

Pressure redistribution memory foam

Overall dimensions are 80″L x 36″W x 8″H

Fits firmly and precisely into bed frame to eliminated burrowing

Fire retardant cover

Top of the mattress height from the floor is 24″

Does not articulate up or down


The Courtney Bed is FDA registered as a Class 1 manual hospital bed. 

Our bed was designed to exceed the FDA’s 7 Zones of Entrapment guidelines:


Zone 1: Within the rail

Zone 2: Under the rail, between the rail supports, or next to a single rail support

Zone 3: Between the rail and the mattress

Zone 4: Under the rail, at the ends of the rail

Zone 5: Between split bed rails

Zone 6: Between the end of the rail and the side edge of the headboard or footboard

Zone 7: Between the headboard or footboard and the mattress end