Standard Courtney Bed Features

Patented Secure Clamping Design for Enclosure Panels:

Patent# 7,434,280

  • Panels are hung over the bed frame
  • Held by grommets in the panels & connector bolts

  • Panels are clamped between two bed frame members
  • This design creates a secure, durable attachment
  • Eliminates the potential of unrolling, becoming loose, or pulled out

Patented Secure Zipper with Enclosure:

Patent# 10,959,495

  • The Courtney Bed zipper includes a patented zipper sheath that eliminates access to the back of the zipper heads from the inside of the bed when zipped to either top corner

Independent Enclosure Panels:

  • Enclosure consists of 4 independent panels
  • Panels can be removed individually for cleaning or replacement
  • If safety enclosure is no longer required, front panel can be removed to provide a 3-sided day bed
Picture represents bed without front zippered panel
(day bed configuration)

Tension Control Tabs

  • Tabs on each panel create the ability to adjust the desired tension/tautness of individual panels

Lift Accessibility:

  • There is 11.5″ of space between the floor and bottom
  • There is 70.5″ of height between the floor and the top bed rail
  • This allows room to utilize many personal lifting devices

Mattress Height for Transfer:

  • Mattress height is 24″ from the floor
  • Allows easy transfers

8″ Thick Mattress

  • Provides extra padding above the bed rails
  • Provides a tight fit to address the zones of entrapment
  • Has a replaceable and fluid resistant cover

3 Year Warranty

  • Your satisfaction is important to us
  • You can feel confident if there are any issues with your bed, we will do everything we can to correct them